The reasons to insulate your home are endless. From frigid cold winters to summer heat advisories, Wisconsin weather has proven to its residents to be an unpredictable yet significant factor in determining the proper steps to insulating their homes. With the recent increases emphasis on green living, more homeowners are looking for ways to decrease their environmental footprint as well as their energy consumption. Heating and cooling account for nearly 75% of energy use within the average American home, calling for better insulation systems as a significant means toward decreasing energy use. But how, exactly, does insulation actually do this?

Because of the tendency for heat energy to flow from warmer areas to cooler areas, it is easy to see why heat will flow naturally from the home to the outdoors during the winter and from outdoors into the home during the summer. Insulation serves as an effective barrier of heat flow, maintaining a comfortable environment within the home and therefore easing the strain on your heating/cooling system- consequently lowering your energy bills. Additionally, it inhibits air flow within the walls of the home, eliminating the convection of heat and decreasing conduction. Likewise, preventing air leaks prevents drafts and unwanted moisture from entering the home. Thickness and density of the insulation (depicted by its "R" value) determine the effectiveness of the insulation, with multiple types being used throughout different areas of the home or building. Therefore, not only is the quality of the insulation significant, but how well it is installed. Accordingly, HH Insulation provides the best insulation installation services available in addition to using the best materials available. The more effective your home's insulation system, the better protected your home will be against heat loss, noise, excess moisture, drafts, and various other problems.

A Complete Insulating System Addresses
Three Essential Issues:

1. Moisture Control & Ventilation
2. Thermal Performance
3. Air Infiltration

Insulation Benefits:
Heating/Cooling energy conservation
Moisture Control
Noise Protection
Draft Prevention
A comfortable environment within your home or business

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